OpticiansBoth of our clinics have an in-clinic optical department to provide you with a full range of the highest quality fashion optical products. We only offer the highest quality of products because we feel your eyes deserve it. Products such as Varilux and Crizal are examples of the top of the line lens options offered in our optical department. Because we are members of the American Doctors of Optometry (ADO) buying group, we are able to offer these great quality products at a reduced rate. In fact, if you compare the same brands of product to the chain or retail stores, we will beat their prices.

Our skilled opticians are continually educated on the latest technologies, lens products, and frame styles available. This enables our opticians to guide you to a custom fit of styles and products for all your vision needs.

What Does 'Consumer Reports' Say About The Best Place To Buy Eye GLASSES?
When 'Consumer Reports' looked into the best places to buy glasses, they had these recommendations for their readers:

"IF YOU’RE LIKE the 71,000 readers who told us about buying their glasses, you’ll probably be happier with an individual practitioner that a chain store…..”

"...INDEPENDENT private optometrists and ophthalmologist who sell glasses as a sideline generally pleased readers more that did the big optical chain. They also offered glasses at prices that were competitive with the large chains..."

"...ALMOST HALF the readers who bought glasses at one of the big optical chains complained that they'd paid more than they expected to … almost half of those who bought glasses from a big chain had to return at least once because of a problem with the spectacles..."

"READERS EXAMINED BY private optometrists and ophthalmologists generally found the examination very thorough; those examined at optical cabins were much less likely to feel they had had a very thorough exam..."

Seven Great Reasons Why We Should Make Your Next Pair of Glasses:

  1. Quality
    We have the finest frames and lenses available so that your glasses will be dependable long after you purchased them. Unlike items that people purchase often during the year, it can be difficult for you to judge quality in a pair of glasses at first glance.
  2. Value
    Good value in eyewear is receiving quality glasses at a fair price. Our fees reflect the quality of our workmanship, yet they are generally lower than "discount" or "one hour" stores.
  3. Expert Staff
    Our competent and caring staff of trained professionals give you personalized care to suite your needs from frame selection to explanations of lens options. Your comfort and satisfaction are important to us. We will do all we can to make sure you’re happy with your selection.
  4. Selection
    We offer a large selection of frame and lens options. We can also order special requests if we do not stock a certain product. Our experienced staff will help you select the frame shape, size, and color that looks best on you and suits your lifestyle.
  5. Lens Options
    There are many new lens designs and lens treatments that can make your glasses more scratch resistant, look thinner, feel lighter, and glare free. We’ll demonstrate and explain all the latest developments that would be appropriate for your new glasses.
  6. Warranty
    We warranty your eyewear, at no extra charge, for one year from the date of purchase. This includes the frame, which we will repair or replace if it is broken under normal wearing conditions. Your lenses are also covered for one year under the manufacturer's warranty against breakage and/or scratching.
  7. Convenience
    To accommodate your busy schedule, we are open six days a week with evening and Saturday hours.

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