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January 9, 2013

I just wanted to write and say how pleased I am with the service at Kennedy Vision.  In particular, I called today with some trouble with my mail-in rebate on my contacts.  Even though I was anxious about it (and probably not the nicest because of this), Erika was nothing but wonderful.  Wow!  Thank you all for being so fabulous and always having smiles on your faces! 

Kayla S.


When I first came to the clinic I had to make 2 or 3 visits within a short period of time; each visit I was greeted by a professional and welcoming staff. Dr. Traverse was very professional and knowledgeable during my visits. He was open and honest with me regarding the condition of my eyes, but instead of scolding me or shaming me, he encouraged me and worked with me to create new healthy eye care habits. Kennedy Vision has a client for life. My husband just recently made an appointment with the clinic as well. Thank you for the professional and personal care.

Megan R.  (5/15/2012)


Dear Dr. Traverse,

I am writing this letter because last December you changed my life. I was in for a routine eye exam and you noticed that my optic nerve was swollen and suggested an MRI. This wasn't the best of news because I was trying to"squeeze" my doctor appointments into 2007 before my high deductible health insurance started in 2008. (You may remember this conversation). Obviously my health is more important, so I scheduled the MRI.

I was sent directly to a Neurologist and we started the odd process of monitoring symptoms for MS. After 10 months of testing, I was diagnosed with MS last week. I want to let you know that because of you, my MS was found early enough to slow the symptoms down so much, that I may never be horribly affected by the disease.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Lindsay Q.

We first met Dr. Traverse about 3 years ago after my husband sustained an eye injury while hunting. A branch slapped him in the eye. We went to the emergency room where he was given an antibiotic. The concern was about an infection from the fungus a tree can have. He was directed to see his eye doctor. His usual doctor wasn’t available so we saw Dr. Traverse. This was the best thing that could have happened.

My husband had penetrated 9 layers of his cornea. He had had lasik surgery and that makes the injury even more traumatic. Dr. Traverse prescribed a much stronger antibiotic to ward off infection.

My husband was having trouble with the healing process – meaning the area would heal a layer and then he would go to sleep and upon waking it would tear the healed layer off. This became unbearably painful.

We ended up calling Dr. Traverse at home at 2 a.m. He lives in Elk River and we lived in Plymouth at the time. We explained the situation and he drove in and we met up in the Plymouth office. He inserted a contact of some type to protect the flap that was trying to heal. It was the best possible solution. With this in place, the eye continued to heal.

Because of his willingness to help us and make that drive in, I am convinced it probably saved my husband’s vision. For a time, he needed to wear glasses for distance. The long term healing process has been that his eye has healed so that now he does not need to wear prescription glasses any longer. To this day, my husband has perfect vision in both eyes.

Since that time, the only eye doctor we will see is Dr. Traverse. He has never viewed us as a patient with a number. He always greets us by our first name and we have a relationship beyond just patient/doctor. Even though we now only see him once a year, he remembers not only our names, but those of our daughter and granddaughter. When it is time for our granddaughter to see an eye doctor, it will only be Dr. Traverse.

He has always taken time to explain anything we asked him about in terms we understood.

I recommend Dr. Traverse without reservation.
Diane and Jerry Robinson

Mr. Kennedy

I wanted to write you and express my gratitude for the service I received recently at your office. I was in MN visiting for 5 days and happened to drive by and see your location (I used to work w/Brad at Verizon and I've been going to your location for a few years but moved to TX last year) so I stopped to see if I could get my lenses fixed. Angel Copen greeted me and after looking at my records, said that my lenses weren't in warranty, but then told me that I was eligible for another eye exam and free lenses with my insurance. Thinking I wouldn't have much time (it was almost 5 pm), I told her that I was just visiting for the week… she got me in immediately and took no time at all! Then, to go above and beyond even more, offered to ship the lenses to my house in TX if they didn't arrive in time.

Sure enough, not a week later and they were in my mailbox with instructions on where to take them to get them installed in my frames, and it went smoothly. (This was the 2nd time she has done something like this for me… the 1st was when my sunglasses broke and she shipped me a replacement once she received them from the warranty dept.)

The process could have been a HUGE hassle, and even worse, I would still have the same pair with an outdated prescription… but instead she took the time to make sure I was taken care of all the way through. Her dedication to customer service and ensuring that EVERY person is treated like the #1 customer (that's how I felt) will keep driving business to your location for many years to come. I have referred many people there, and will continue to do so every time I am asked and will speak of this experience.

Please thank her for me!

Matt Bocan
Verizon Wireless RSM

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