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Benefits of Daily Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are a convenient option for vision correction. Most contact lenses are soft, and they have different schedules for wear and replacement. As the need for convenience continues to grow, people are turning to disposable contact lenses. These are single-use contact lenses that are discarded at the end of the day. 

What Happens During LASIK Eye Surgery?

LASIK eye surgery is a common laser refractive surgery that helps to correct vision problems. LASIK is an alternative to glasses or contacts. During the surgery, a special laser is used to change the cornea’s shape to improve vision. The cornea is the dome-shaped part of the eye. 

Do Blue Light Blocking Glasses Actually Work?

Also known as blue-ray light, blue light is a form of specific short-wavelength light. It is commonly emitted from various appliances that have screens. These include mobile devices, flat-screen TVs, and computer screens, among others.

Preventing and Treating Eye Allergies

Eye allergies occur when a foreign substance causes inflammation to your conjunctiva. The foreign substances or allergens can come from anywhere, whether indoors or outdoors. The inflammation occurs when blood vessels in your eyes bulge, causing them to become red and itchy. Your eyes may also start to tear. If you are suffering from eye allergies, there is a high chance that your kids may have it too.

Latest Eyewear Trends 2021

Whether you need to wear prescription lenses to help you to see clearly, or you’ve got the perfect vision, but you love the way that a great pair of glasses or sunglasses can help you to accentuate your style, we’ve got the lowdown on the latest eyewear trends of 2021.

Common Vision Issues in Kids and Treating Them

Babies and younger kids learn more about the world through good vision than from all their other senses combined. Healthy eyes and vision are vital to your child’s physical, social, and educational development.

Types of Specialty Contact Lenses

Every eye is different. Standard contact lenses can help resolve common cases of refractive errors. But, if you have other vision problems, specialty contact lenses are an excellent solution.

Dry Eye Management

Dry eye is a very common eye condition that will affect most people at some point during their lifetime. However, some will go on to battle with chronic dry eye that impacts their day-to-day life by making their eyes uncomfortable, their vision blurred, and sensitive to light. Dry eye usually occurs when the tear glands in the eyes don’t work effectively to produce enough fluid to keep the eyes moist, or if the tear film drains away too quickly. Fortunately, there are treatments that can help.

Types of Eye Emergencies

Medical emergencies can occur at any time. They can also affect any part of the body, including your eyes. Our vision is one of our most important senses, facilitating everything we do each day from moving around to cooking, working to participating in our favorite hobbies. Our eyesight also keeps us safe from danger, helps us to communicate and live an active and fulfilling life. Nevertheless, if a medical emergency that affects our eyes arises, it’s crucial to get help as quickly as possible.

Diagnosing and Care for Macular Degeneration

Macular degeneration isn’t a term that many people are familiar with. However, it is a fairly common eye disease, particularly once we reach our senior years and can affect our vision enough to have an impact on our quality of life. It occurs when the cells of a part of the eye called the macula, found in the center of the retina and responsible for central vision and fine detail, are damaged.

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