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Process of Contact Lens Exams

While many people enjoy the convenience of wearing glasses, some don’t like them. Many people today are choosing to wear contact lenses. You may feel that wearing contacts is better for your lifestyle. If you are thinking about getting contact lenses, it is important to understand the process involved. While it is a great option for most people, wearing contacts is not for everyone. The first step to wearing contacts is to get a contact lens examination.


Why Choose Contact Lenses?


Contact lenses are worn to correct different vision problems. The thin plastic lenses are designed to wear directly on the eyes. Contacts offer the perfect solution for people who prefer not to wear glasses. If you prefer not to have corrective surgery, wearing contacts will help you to enjoy a clear vision without wearing glasses. If you want to start wearing contacts, you need to visit an eye doctor for an examination.


The Health of Your Eyes


The first thing that the exam will determine is the health of your eyes. The eye practitioner will carry out a thorough test to determine whether you qualify to wear contacts. It is important to ensure that your eyes are in a healthy condition before you decide to wear contacts. Contacts cover and touch the eyes and because of this, having healthy eyes is vital.


Measuring the Eyes


After the eye specialist establishes that your eyes are healthy, the next step is taking measurements. The doctor takes accurate measurements of your eyes to get the right contact fit. Accurate measurements of your eyes will help to ensure that you get contacts that fit properly on your eyes and are comfortable to wear. It is important to ensure that you wear the right size contacts. Apart from dealing with your vision problems, contact lenses need to conform to your eye shape.


How to Wear Contacts


If this is your first time wearing contact lenses, the doctor will show you how to insert and remove them correctly. Part of the exam will involve teaching you how to ensure that you are wearing the contacts correctly. The doctor will guide you as you practice placing the lenses in your eyes. You will also learn how to care for the lenses, and this will include proper cleaning and storage.


Cost of the Exam


It is important to understand that contact lens exams cost more than testing for eyeglasses. The higher cost is because, alongside the usual vision test, you will also need additional customized tests. The extra tests and scans can push the cost of the exam to double or three times the cost of regular eye exams.

Contact lenses help to correct different types of vision-related problems. The lenses have to be customized for each patient. It is for this reason that a contact lens exam is essential. The exam process may seem involved and lengthy, but it is completely necessary. Understanding the function of each scan, test, and device that is used during the exam is helpful. It helps to know what to expect before you make your first eye appointment.


If you want to know more about contact lens examinations, visit Kennedy Vision Health Center at our offices in Plymouth or Elk River, Minnesota. You can also call 763-545-8850 or 763-441-0205 to book an appointment.

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