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Sunglasses & Importance of Sun Protection

Most people like sunglasses because of how cool they look. They come in many shapes, colors, and styles. Pop culture introduced sunglasses as a fashion item. Most people put on sunglasses during summer or at the weekend. However, sunglasses play a very important role in protecting your eyes. The sun emits UV rays which are harmful to the eyes. The glare from the hot sun damages the eyes as well. Different sunglasses give you protection from different situations. Polarized sunglasses offer maximum protection against harmful sun rays. Tinted sunglasses protect your eyes from glare. Here are the reasons why you should protect your eyes from the sun.


Sunglasses Protect Your Eyes From Harsh Environmental Elements


Your eyes are delicate. You should always protect them from harsh environmental elements. Fun activities such as skiing or zip-lining down a cliff can affect your eyes. While enjoying outdoor adventures always have your sunglasses on. They protect your eyes from wind and debris. Debris from the air can blow into your eyes and cause irritation and scratch your cornea.


Sunglasses Protect You From UV Light


The sun emits UV rays that are harmful to your eyes. Constant exposure to UV rays causes cataracts, glaucoma, and macular degeneration. Constant exposure to UV rays from the sun deteriorates your retina. This causes scar tissue to grow around your retina causing problems with your vision. Use polarized sunglasses to block UV rays from your eyes.


You Enjoy Your Outdoors More With Sunglasses On


Having a good time in the outdoors is all fun until you have a pounding headache at the end of the day. The bright light from the sun can trigger migraines. The glare from the sun bounces UV lights off the environment into your eyes. When you go out skiing, fishing, or for a walk on a white beach, always have sunglasses on. The colors look better and sharper with sunglasses on. Constant squinting and glare from the sun cause headaches.

Sunglasses Protect You on the Road

Driving in the direction of the sun is very uncomfortable. You try to keep your eyes on the road and the sun is in your eyes. Wearing sunglasses blocks extra light coming into your eyes. You can see the road clearly and make good decisions. You can even use sunglasses to reduce glare from oncoming traffic. However, there is special night driving glasses for people who are distracted by oncoming traffic.


Sunglasses Protect Your Eyes Post-Surgery


Eyes are sensitive after surgery. LASIK and cataract surgery are common nowadays. Protecting your eyes from direct sunlight helps them to heal well. If you have an eye procedure done, put on your sunglasses to protect your eyes from direct light.


Sunglasses Reduce Your Chances of Getting Skin Cancer


The skin around the eyes is sensitive. Research reveals that about 10 percent of skin cancer starts around the eyes. UV-blocking sunglasses cover your eyes and the skin around your eyes. Wearing sunglasses protect the skin and reduce the chances of getting skin cancer. Besides, you will look great and fight cancer at the same time.


For more information on eye protection, visit Kennedy Vision Health Center at our offices in Plymouth, and Elk River, Minnesota. To get in touch with us, call 763-296-2600 for Plymouth and 763-296-2700 for Elk River offices.

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