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This is the only place I will ever go for our eye care needs.

I was referred to Kennedy Vision about 10 years ago, by my son's occupational therapist. At the time, my son was 4 years old and extremely scared of doctors. Add the fact that he has a cognitive disability and speech disorder, finding a place to go where the people make us feel welcome and help my son be comfortable can be difficult.

When I made the appointment I was very clear about my son's needs and that it would most likely take a longer appointment time than most, as he is very apprehensive and has sensory processing disorder, mainly with his head/face.

The staff was warm and kind, Dr. Traverse was patient and talked to my son, not me, even though my son couldn't answer him. Getting an accurate diagnosis is very difficult for someone who cannot talk or completely comprehend what is happening to them, in a new, scary place.

Ten years later, and two more children, this is the only place I will ever go for our eye care needs. I make sure to refer every parent with a special needs child to Kennedy, making sure to explain how comfortable my scared child, with no words, was able to feel heard and respected, even when taking a long time to get do something so mundane for most of us.

Every time I call to get appointments, we are able to get in within a week or two, with all four of our appointments back-to-back, easing everyone's hesitancy. Thank you for making my family comfortable and providing some of the best care we have ever received. I credit Dr. Traverse for my son's trust in doctors, he was the first one (out of many) to respect my son and his needs, 100%.

- Cheri P. - Google Review - Plymouth

We are closing our office due to the COVID-19 situation. Starting Monday we will only be seeing emergencies and have one staff at the office to deal with pickups.

Plymouth 9-5 pm M-F
Elk River 8-12 pm M-F

We are asking patients to schedule pickups and call when they arrive at the clinic and a staff member will deliver curbside.

We hope to open again on April 6th but that will depend on the situation.