Kennedy Vision Health Center

Kennedy Vision Health Center is happy to welcome you to our family! Meet our team of vision experts dedicated to making ourselves the easy choice for the personalized, high-quality eye care you deserve.
Kennedy Vision Health Center
Kennedy Vision Health Center

Who We Are

Kennedy Vision Health Center has proudly served the Plymouth and Elk River area since 1974. Our goal is to be your first choice for eye care — we take the time to get to know you and understand your vision health to provide solutions tailored to your unique needs. We offer a wide range of eye care services, including comprehensive eye exams, pediatric eye exams, custom eyewear, and eye disease treatment.

Our Mission

Over the years, our mission has never waivered: treat every patient like a member of our family. And we want the best for our family! That’s why we use the latest technology to gain a thorough understanding of your eye health, and why we walk you through your treatment options to find the best fit for your needs. From specialty eyewear to eye disease management, Kennedy Vision Health Center has the customizable eye care solution for you.

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Kennedy Vision Health Center front entrance

Our History

Since our founding by Dr. Kennedy in 1974, our family-owned and operated practice has provided some of the area’s best eye care. Our team and list of services have grown over the decades, and we’re excited to continue to evolve and expand to better serve patients in the region. By adding new locations, doctors, and technology, Kennedy Vision Health Center has remained committed to making quality, family-friendly eye care as accessible as possible for every patient and every budget.

Meet Our Doctors

At Kennedy Vision Health Center, you’re not just a patient — you’re family. Meet our caring team of doctors who are determined to welcome you and provide personalized solutions for clear, comfortable vision.

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Our Technology

At Kennedy Vision Health Center, we believe in choosing advanced technology that’s as comfortable as it is effective. During every eye exam, our team walks you through your screenings and how each tool, from our digital phoropter to our Optomap retinal imager, helps us stay a step ahead of eye conditions. When we catch issues early, we can slow or halt their development well before they affect your vision.

Eye Health Education

Check out our doctor-curated blog to hear more about eye health from our industry family.


See what our patients think about our eye care: read our reviews!

Testimonial Quote

- Roger M.

“The staff and doctors at Kennedy Vision are top notch. I have been seeing Dr David Kennedy for 11 years. My wife sees Dr Traverse. They have the state of the art equipment and do a thourough job. I feel they are really interested in our health and both of us trust their recommendations even if it means eating Kale. We feel safe in their office with all the Covid related upgrades in place.”
Testimonial Quote

- Connie S.

“Dr Traverse is the best, very thorough and takes the time to explain everything. And all the staff are equally as good!”
Testimonial Quote

- Alison W.

“Fantastic eye clinic. My entire family sees Dr. Traverse and couldn’t be happier. He is great with children of all ages.”
Testimonial Quote

- Cecilia J.

“Dr. Traverse and staff made the experience very comfortable, professional and courteous.”
Testimonial Quote

- Leslie F.

“I was at Kennedy Vision with our daughters at the end of April. Although Dr. Traverse and everyone else was very helpful and professional as usual, I want to specially thank Kelsey, who did our initial exams. Both of my daughters commented on how nice she was, how they felt she really interacted well with them and how she really seemed to know what she was doing. I also thought she did a good job and all of us were surprised to learn she had only been doing her job for a couple of months. Patient contact is a strength for Kelsey and we hope to see her again next year.”
Testimonial Quote

- Pawoua V.

“What great service!!! I was treated so well the moment I walked in. I was taken care of by 4-5 staffs and every single one of them treated me with the same level of care. I felt safe, warm and welcomed. Dr. Traverse was very knowledgeable and informative. All eye docs I’ve visited before never told me that all I needed was a pair of computer glasses to easy my eye strains. Besides that Dr. Traverse gave me a few free drops to try out so it helps out with the dry eyes I have. This was definitely one of kind for customer service because I kept reminding myself I have to leave a review since they did such a wonderful job.”