Late / No-Show Policy

Our goal at Kennedy Vision Health Center is to improve the quality of life of all our patients in a timely manner. No-shows, late arrivals, and cancellations impact not only our providers, but our other patients as well. When a patient books their appointment, they’re holding a space on our calendar that is no longer available to other patients, and it takes time and resources to hold this spot. We expect respect and courtesy if an appointment needs to be canceled or moved, whatever the reason may be.

So, if a patient needs to cancel their appointment, the patient is responsible for canceling or rescheduling no less than 24 hours before the scheduled appointment.

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Late/No show patients

Late / No-Shows

If a patient is more than 10 minutes late to their appointment, the appointment may be canceled and need to be rescheduled (we will check with the doctor or push back the exam to another appointment spot if available). A cancellation is considered late when the appointment is canceled less than 24 hours before the appointed time. A no-show is when a patient misses an appointment without canceling.

In the case of a late cancellation or no-show, we will charge the patient a $50 missed appointment fee due to the time and resources spent holding the spot for them.

Steps We Take

To assist the patient in keeping appointments, the patient will be told about our late/no-show policy when first booking the appointment. This is then documented in the patient’s appointment notes in REV (our electronic health record or EHR system).

Our texting app, Weave, will confirm with our patients via text message 7 days before their appointment. If not confirmed with the 7-day text, Weave will reach out 3 days prior, and again 24 hours before. Weave will also give a courtesy reminder for the appointment 2 hours before the set appointment.

If the appointment is not confirmed via Weave, we will initiate a reminder telephone call 24 hours before the patient’s scheduled appointment to confirm it. If we leave a voicemail during the reminder call, we ask the patient to call back so we can confirm the appointment and remind them of our no show/ late cancellation policy. All reminder calls are documented in the patient’s appointment notes in REV.

Steps we take to no show/late patients

What Our Patients Are Saying

We’re proud to support Elk River and Plymouth with exceptional eye care. Here are some of the great things people say about their experience with us!

Testimonial Quote

- Renee Q.

“Kennedy Vision in Elk River was able to get me in for a last minute exam when I had some eye problems. Everyone there is so friendly and helpful.”

Testimonial Quote

- Douglas Y.

“Dr. Traverse and Dr. Rossow are both consummate professionals in every sense, carefully explaining the details of the exam process and options for treatments. Orrin is as fastidious as you will ever find, great with helpful tips and ensuring that you are completely satisfied. The entire staff at both locations are extremely friendly and helpful. It is very apparent that they put the customer first in all that they do. Thank you all for making the process very simple, each and every time.”

Testimonial Quote

- Jackie B.

“I always have a great experience during my annual eye exam. The staff here is so friendly and makes you feel very welcome. I have been seeing Dr Traverse for many years and although thorough explains things in layman terms. It never feels like he is rushing to get you out the door.”

Testimonial Quote

- Jill P.

“Everyone from scheduling, insurance, eye exam, and the multiple ladies helping me and my husband find glasses were amazing! They were all super helpful and friendly. Highly recommend!”

Testimonial Quote

- Deanna G.

“Very careful, thorough exam by Dr. Kennedy. Support staff is knowledgeable and efficient, friendly.”

Testimonial Quote

- Megan W.

“I made an appointment here because it was in my VSP network and ended up LOVING it. The staff, from when you walk in the door to when you get to the exam room, are friendly, welcoming and kind. Dr. B is great, and I am happy to say I have new glasses & contacts with the RIGHT prescription for the first time in my 15+ years of wearing them! I actually helped one of my patients get an appointment after he broke his glasses on accident and he loved them as well.. Highly recommend!!”