Cataract Management
in Elk River/Otsego & Plymouth, MN

Our providers at Kennedy Vision Health Center are here as your eye care partners when it comes to diagnosing and managing your cataracts. With our help, you’ll always have an attentive expert by your side to help you address your cataracts without hassle.

Cataract Management in Elk River & Plymouth, MN
Old man with a right-eye cataract

What are Cataracts?

A cataract is a clouding of the eye’s lens that usually develops with age, but can also be caused by injury. This lens allows light to pass through the eye, which is then transmitted to the brain. When we’re born, our eyes’ lenses are perfectly clear, but as we get older, they can become foggy,  obstructing our ability to see properly. Some symptoms of cataracts include blurred vision, objects looking hazy at all distances, difficulty with activities like reading or driving at night, and seeing halos around lights.

Early Detection and Managment of Cataracts

Early detection of cataracts through regular eye exams is critical when it comes to safeguarding your vision. If we find any, we can help you adapt to the changes in your sight by fitting you in the right eyewear. This eyewear can help correct your vision and make you more comfortable, but the only way to truly restore your eyesight is by removing the clouded portion of your eye and replacing it with an intraocular lens (IOL) via cataract surgery. When you’re ready, we can refer you to a surgeon who we trust to do it safely and successfully.

Woman getting a check-up for cataracts
Kennedy Vision Health Center

Why Choose Kennedy Vision Health Center?

Kennedy Vision Health Center is a truly all-in-one practice for every one of your eye care needs! Our doctors provide personalized care for cataracts and other age-related conditions using high-tech tools and their years of eye care expertise. We believe in treating all our patients like family, and we’ll take the time to answer all your questions and make sure you understand everything there is to know about your eyes.

What Our Patients Are Saying

Our doctors are dedicated to helping you achieve crystal-clear vision now and into the future. See what our friends and neighbors are saying about our exceptional eye care!

Testimonial Quote

- Renee Q.

“Kennedy Vision in Elk River was able to get me in for a last minute exam when I had some eye problems. Everyone there is so friendly and helpful.”

Testimonial Quote

- Douglas Y.

“Dr. Traverse and Dr. Rossow are both consummate professionals in every sense, carefully explaining the details of the exam process and options for treatments. Orrin is as fastidious as you will ever find, great with helpful tips and ensuring that you are completely satisfied. The entire staff at both locations are extremely friendly and helpful. It is very apparent that they put the customer first in all that they do. Thank you all for making the process very simple, each and every time.”

Testimonial Quote

- Jackie B.

“I always have a great experience during my annual eye exam. The staff here is so friendly and makes you feel very welcome. I have been seeing Dr Traverse for many years and although thorough explains things in layman terms. It never feels like he is rushing to get you out the door.”

Testimonial Quote

- Jill P.

“Everyone from scheduling, insurance, eye exam, and the multiple ladies helping me and my husband find glasses were amazing! They were all super helpful and friendly. Highly recommend!”

Testimonial Quote

- Deanna G.

“Very careful, thorough exam by Dr. Kennedy. Support staff is knowledgeable and efficient, friendly.”

Testimonial Quote

- Megan W.

“I made an appointment here because it was in my VSP network and ended up LOVING it. The staff, from when you walk in the door to when you get to the exam room, are friendly, welcoming and kind. Dr. B is great, and I am happy to say I have new glasses & contacts with the RIGHT prescription for the first time in my 15+ years of wearing them! I actually helped one of my patients get an appointment after he broke his glasses on accident and he loved them as well.. Highly recommend!!”