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Importance of Routine Pediatric Eye Exams

Regular vision screening by your pediatrician is insufficient. You should bring your child to a pediatric eye doctor for proper routine pediatric eye exams. The American Optometric Association says that there should be a set schedule for pediatric eye exams. Such eye exams are crucial from infancy. If you want to understand the importance of adequate routine eye exams, here’s what you should know.


Establishes Peace of Mind


When you subject your child to routine pediatric eye exams, you have peace of mind. As a responsible and loving parent, you want your child to have the best start in life. Educators say that vision skills are essential for your child’s success in academics. Your child needs notable visual perception, visual acuity, and eye coordination to pay attention, read, and write. Research shows that 80 percent of learning relies on vision. Because of this, it is important for your child to have the capability to learn through vision.


Provides a More Comprehensive Eye Exam


Eye specialists always emphasize the need for proper pediatric eye exams. They argue that a sight test from your child’s current school cannot replace a true pediatric eye exam. These visual screenings cannot detect at least 40 percent of eye issues that routine pediatric eye exams identify. Pediatric eye care providers assess the health of your child’s ocular tissues. They consider various conditions such as elevated blood pressure, diabetes, or cancer as well.


Ensures Your Child’s Proper Development


Poor vision is usually associated with academic and behavioral problems. Statistics show that about 25 percent of school-aged children experience vision problems. This is a troubling fact, considering the vision and eye health are important in your child’s development. Children, who suffer from vision problems, usually exhibit certain negative behaviors during classes. Such behaviors are short attention spans, discomfort, and fatigue. Even if these children finish their tasks, they do so with low efficiency and comprehension.


Uses New Equipment and Tools


Because of the latest technology in eye care, eye specialists have the latest tools and equipment to assess the health of your child’s eyes. Imaging technology allows eye experts to detect changes earlier. Such advanced imaging technology also captures the cross-sections of the most delicate tissues. Advanced technology also enables eye doctors to access advanced treatments and state-of-the-art eyewear.


Prioritizes Your Child’s General Health and Well-Being


Once your doctor spots vision and eye issues, your specialist will work immediately to resolve them. Early detection results in early treatment. The sooner the treatments begin, the better your child’s health and development will be. This will be indispensable when your child reaches school age.


Routine pediatric eye exams contribute to your child’s physical and emotional health. At Kennedy Vision Health Center, we can assist as your child goes through routine pediatric eye exams. Please visit our clinics in Plymouth and Elk River, Minnesota, for a one-on-one consultation. You can also call us at 763-296-2600 (Plymouth) or 763-296-2700 (Elk River). That way, we can help schedule your appointment or answer your questions about our routine pediatric eye exams.

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