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Latest Eyewear Trends 2021

Whether you need to wear prescription lenses to help you to see clearly, or you’ve got the perfect vision, but you love the way that a great pair of glasses or sunglasses can help you to accentuate your style, we’ve got the lowdown on the latest eyewear trends of 2021.


Rocking Rainbows       

Whether it's pale pastels or bold, beautiful brights, colored frames are set to make a splash during 2021. Now is not the time to be a wallflower, it’s never been more in-style to embrace your inner rainbow. Choose to keep it subtle with pale purples, muted greens, and demure blues to blend in with the trendy crowd. But if you aren’t afraid to turn heads, neon yellows, oranges, and pinks will certainly get you noticed. Not sure which colors suit your skin and hair tones? Our expert eye care team will be happy to help. These hot pink frames from Balenciaga will turn your friends green with envy!


Totally Transparent

If you are looking for glasses that go with everything then look no further than transparent frames. Whether it’s a casual Sunday relaxing at home or you are putting on a power suit to impress in the office, a pair of transparent glasses will finish the look and keep you perfectly on-trend. And if you want to accentuate your eye makeup with fierce liner or smoky lids, transparent frames let others keep their focus on your face. We like these from Tom Ford.


You Spin My Head Right Round

Round frames will be making trend-setters dizzy as they make a huge comeback for 2021. Round frames suit the majority of face shapes and can create softness against angular features. From classic metals to modern Perspex in an array of colorways, there is something to suit every taste and style, keeping you perfectly on-trend. These funky frames from Ray-Ban are perfect for summer.


Talking Tortoiseshell

If there is one style that never seems to go out of fashion, it’s tortoiseshell. Nevertheless, it’s had a makeover for 2021 and while it’s still possible to choose classic browns and golds, many designers have revealed exciting new colors that let you modernize the look. Choose understated dusky pinks and purples to keep things simple, or fiery reds, oranges, and yellows to make a real statement with your eyewear. We think these bold cat-eye frames from Ray-Ban are fantastically fierce!


Awesome Accessories

It isn’t just your glasses frames that can make a statement in 2021. Glasses chains are a fantastic way to individualize your look and stand out from the crowd as well as being super-convenient. Simply attach them to your usual glasses or sunglasses and get everyone talking about your latest accessory. Better still, they make keeping your glasses with you and removing and replacing them easy, with no fear that they will get lost or broken. Choose from bold, multicolored signature chains or classic, understated pearls. Check out these stylish chains from Coti Vision, which come in an array of colors and styles. Better still, many are made from recycled materials.


Make sure you stay on trend with your eyewear in 2021. If you’d like help and advice on choosing the right eyewear for you, don’t hesitate to speak to our dedicated eyecare team at Kennedy Vision Health Center in Plymouth, MN at 763-545-8850 or Elk River, MN at 736-26-2700.


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